The Hard Water Shampoo

75% Hard water*

Nearly 3/4th of India receives moderate to very hard water.

500ppm is the recommended TDS limit by WHO in water for daily use. Water in many parts of India exceeds that limit regularly.

*source: IONOI water softening systems

The Damage

Hard water damages hair.

Hard water leads to mineral deposits on the scalp and hair cuticle causing brittleness, dullness and dryness. Regular use of hard water for washing hair is known to cause hair breakage and accelerated hair loss. It also often leads to aggravation of conditions like dandruff and eczema.

The Solution

A daily use hard water shampoo and conditioning system.

At Renaura we have developed a unique daily use shampoo formulation that gently removes the damaging mineral deposits, leaving hair smooth, silky and manageable. 100% Vegan and Free from parabens, phthalates, SLS and SLES.


The way forward

At Renaura we are constantly researching and working on upcoming products that solve the needs of the present day consumer. We develop and adapt core technologies and products to suit the needs and aspirations of consumers in diversified markets in South East Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa.

What We Do

New age solutions for the new age consumer.

Solving problems with science.

At Renaura we formulate personal care and wellness products, keeping in mind the needs of the modern day consumer.

Renaura harnesses the power of modern chemistry while taking inspiration from nature and the environment.

An eco-conscious approach

At Renaura we work to incorporate an eco-conscious approach in all aspects of product development and manufacturing, making sure we do our bit for the environment.


Solutions for the new age.

Formulation services

Innovative, value added products

At Renaura we work with leading suppliers and manufacturing companies to develop and deliver class leading solutions to industry.

Our solutions are crafted to deliver results that exceed expectations of consumers and deliver a premium experience.

Market fit and analysis

Understanding the consumer psyche

Understanding the pulse of the market and creating revolutionary products requires constant research and development. Renaura continuously conducts studies and combs through data both online and offline to create products that fit the aspirations of the modern day consumer.

About Us

Renaura Wellness was established with an aim to develop leading, world class solutions in the beauty, personal care and wellness domains. Started with a vision to develop advanced products, Renaura has been involved in active research and development of targeted products that solve specific problems for consumers in various parts of the world.